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99 Es Coach Ed.


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I'm considering purchasing a 1999 ES 300 (coach edition). The car is in excellent shape interior and exterior, however, I'm a little curious as to what I should be looking for before I purchase?

The car is located at a local dealer, they are asking 12,500. The car has around 77K miles, the original brakes are at 30% on the front and 35% on the back. The tires are at 5/32 wear (about 80% tread left).

It is a one-owner vehicle, nearly all of the service has been at the local dealer. There are a few oil changes that were done at non-dealer locations.

The only thing that I know to be nervous about is the oil sludge/gelling issue that I have read about on this forum.

If I take it to a local mechanic before purchase, what should I have them look for? Any and all comments are appreciated!

Thanks so much.


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I'd definitely run a Carfax on it if I were you. I looked at a nearly identical description vehicle when I was looking. It was a one-owner, decent miles, and they wanted about the same price. I got them down to $10,800 before the Carfax came back and I saw the car spent it's whole life down in Florida, then 'suddenly' showed up in the Pacific Northwest. When I looked at it again, I looked for key things to see if it had been in a flood or was a 'hurricane car'. Yep, corrosion in key spots where there shouldn't be, a messed up display on the stereo LCD (because salt crystals deposit on the connections when salt water dries on a flooded car... the LCDs are so sensitive it messes up the display) and a few other indicators. It's always nice to know the history of a vehicle before you buy it.

If the oil was changed regularly, and with quality oil, you shouldn't have a problem with sludge at this point in time with that many miles.

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I failed to mention that I did run a carfax and it was a clean report. The vehicle was purchased at a local dealer and that is where they traded it in for a new 07 ES.

In May 2006, I paid 11,500 out the door for my 2000 ES 300, Rear Seat has tear due to direct sunlight and a small front bumper repair needed. Over all a soild car, very happy, no complain from the wife. :whistles:

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