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Cd Player Going Wacko


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Hey guys I own a 2003 is300 and starting about month ago the cd player is starting to act strange. When a CD track is playing and its over, it is supposed to move on to the next track. Lets say its on song #01 and then it should go to song #02, instead it will jump randomly to some other track #XX. It stays on the same cd but it just has these random spasm moments where it skips whole bunch of songs. I have never changed the battery or been it by lightning so I didnt induce any electrical problems. Also It is not induced by rough terrain b/c it happens even when I am at a full stop. I was wondering if any other IS owners have experienced this problem and what they have done about it and what do you guys suggest I do about it before takign it to the lexus dealership to get looked at, which involves taking things apart and that is painful for me to experience.

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