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Help With Bodykit?


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well i just bought a vertex body kit (AIT Racing.. yea yea its a replica) today n i think i ran into some problems.

i first wanna ask. how much does it usually cost to let a body shop put on the body kit?

anyways. how the heck do you put it on? front bumper is easy to explain.. remove the old one n put on the new one but the skirts are iono. does the SC have OEM skirts that you have to remove? or do i just somehow bolt it on?

also the rear.. do i remove anything before putting on the lip?


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Just so you know, many people just use some really high industrial strength double sided tape and leave it at that. I myself have 2 friends who have done that and it looks really clean and profesionally done. Its been holding on for over 1.5 years now. So its all about how you do it. Rivets would be the best way in terms of strength but a shop would charge at least if not more then what the kit itsself cost. As far as the side skirts go, im not sure but i dont think anything has to be removed, but dont quote me. Go to a body shop and see what they say and charge. Good luck.

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alright a lil update..

my brother and i dremeled out a decent amount on the side skirts.. and it seemed to fit a lot better..

ill get pics soon.

EDIT: i was wondering also.. umm... about the side skirts.


the red part that is pointed out.. does that go under the door? or behind the door?

EDIT again : i bought the body kit from fatboy garage.. lil more info is good i guess... AITRacing kit

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