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  1. Selling the rims to get a project car. They are 19x8.5 front and 19x9.5 in the rear.The bolt pattern is 5x114. The rims are authentic 3 piece rims, not cheap replicas. The offset is +24 all around. There is no dents or cracks. They have new tires all around. I'm asking only $2500 plus shipping OBO. Here are some pics of the rims on my car and off....
  2. Bump, 875 shipped to your door!!!
  3. Hey guys, i haven't been on here in a long time since i sold my sc400 a while ago. Im selling my 19" ADR competition 7 rims with tires. The tires are 235/35/19 and have about 99% tread left (less than 750 miles on them) The bolt patterns are 5x114 and 5x100 and have a 42 offset. Overall the rims are in perfect condition in exception to one rim that has a tiny curb mark, but its so small its hard to find. This rim/tire combo on ebay goes for a little over 1300, im asking 950 shipped to your door ( anywhere in the US).
  4. They are on both adhesive and pinholes. To unscrew them u have to do it by taking off trunk lid liner and some how reaching into all holes and unscrewing them. As far as looks i would get rid of the one on the back that says "Lexus" and leave the rest and maybe "sc400" part. So just leave the Lexus logo. Up to you of course. Also try to get an estimate from a body shop. Might just be easier to pay them to do it. I do agree with you. It does make the car seems cleaner and stealthier. I would do it.
  5. Well as i said above, doing many of these common fixes didnt help one bit. I got new bushings, tires, rims, etc. and still have this annoying problem. I geuss the worst case scenario is 1) replacing control arms and/or bushings and 2) the entire steering rack. Neither of which im sure will change anything either. So i geuss worst case is you invest money into a bunch of new things and still have problems with steering.
  6. Are these bushings sold (and replaceble) independent of the control arms themselves? Yup, they sure are. Though most people claimed that their bushings were bad and caused this problem, i got no help by replacing them. Here is where i got mine. This sight has a bunch of good stuff for our cars. Also check this post for how to replace them and what other members said about this topic.
  7. I too have the same problem. i have 17" rims brand new tires and took advice from club members and replaced rack bushings with Daizen bushings. I had allignment done 5 times in less then one year and shocks are brand new. and i STILL have these problems, pulling to the right at all times and VERY uncontrolable steering wheel. Im not going to further deal with it because im selling the car, but i have no advice on what to even look for next.
  8. Just so you know, many people just use some really high industrial strength double sided tape and leave it at that. I myself have 2 friends who have done that and it looks really clean and profesionally done. Its been holding on for over 1.5 years now. So its all about how you do it. Rivets would be the best way in terms of strength but a shop would charge at least if not more then what the kit itsself cost. As far as the side skirts go, im not sure but i dont think anything has to be removed, but dont quote me. Go to a body shop and see what they say and charge. Good luck.
  9. Thanks, i've seen that one. I didnt want it because of the weak point in the middle. Just in case any one cares. I did get the 93 - 98 supra turbo strut bar and it DOES FIT. So in case any one wants a cheap strut bar it does work. I'm just not sure what other models of sc400 it will work for. the 92-95 for sure. The rest i dont know.
  10. I do have the warranty, but the fact is i pad money to have it installed and spent a day without my car. Plus there was nothing said that i have to get aftermarket springs. So why they broke shouldnt be my problems. But i still am going to yell at them and my mechanic to do everything over for free, afterall it is both their faults. Plus to get the monet back i have to redo my suspension and send Tokcio the broken shocks. So even to get my money back i have to get another suspension. So i really am stuck here, especially since the guy who was gonna sell me his OEM suspension flaked on me today
  11. yeah everything was installed fine and tight. The perch did slide down because i can see where it was and now where it is and the marks it left from sliding down. I cant drive my car now or sell it. So now im just stuck with it untill i get another suspension.
  12. The fact that they shoudnt have, doesnt mean they didnt. I mean its a fact for sure they did because right now sitting in my driveway is my sc400 tilted over. So it is what it is. Plus at the mechanics shop we took off the wheels and the spring perches did slide down. So they did in fact blow. So now im stuck driving a loaner car.
  13. Ok, well i got new shocks (tokico) because my oem ones where completely dead as could be. So i got the Tokicos. I originally got my cousins eibach springs that he gave me for free. So i dropped my car of at the mechnic and later got a call that the eibachs wont work. For some really weird reason they really didnt fit, even though they came off of a 92 sc300. So i decided to put on only the Tokicos. Got them installed and an allignment. Got my car back and got disappointed when i got the car back. Car remained just as loud and bumpy and ride height went up at least .5". So right off the bat i w
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