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1994 Es300 Radiator Cap


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The original radiator cap on my 1994 ES300 has gained a divit in the rubber seal where the overflow tube joins the alloy housing the cap mates with (the rubber is degrading). The top of my cap has 1.0 embossed on one of the wings. I take this means 1.0 bar, or the 83-113 kPA (.85 - 1.15 kg/cm2) that the service guide claims is the normal range for the pressure.

I'd like to replace the cap.

Trouble is, the parts that I can find are 1.1 bar. I don't feel the small PSI increase will affect much, but I would like to know if 1.0 caps are still available (what part number)? Are there cold climate and warm climate models? I can't see in the ordering system where the original part was superceeded.


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