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Cornering Lamp Bulb?


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Hey everyone, I'm new to the board. Just picked up a clean 92 SC400 recently and noticed that the left corner lamp didn't light up when I turned on the left turn signal. I found the part number but is an alternative solution to buying the bulb at the dealership? I have searched and can't find the exact bulb type it uses unless it's special just for Lexus cornering lamps.

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csufpk, Found this on info on clublexus.com for a '94 Sc400 here is the link:


*You can find this corner bulb 27w 1156 at any auto store*

Following provided by:NYLexSC

Low Beams : 55w HB4/9006

High Beams: 65w 9005

Cornering Lights (located on the bottom of the bumper on each side, only light up with turn signals): 27w 1156 filament bulbs

Parking lights/city lights (located next to the low beam projector): 5w 168/194 wedge bulb

Turn Signals: 1157 filament bulbs

Amber Sidemarkers: 5w 168 bulb I THINK, not positive.

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