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Dunlop Tires?

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I have been given the opportunity to choose any Dunlop tire that i would like to get for my '03 IS 300. I was wondering if any of you could give me any suggestions as to which one i should choose. Keep in mind, that I live in Chicago. Do i really have to get "All Season" tires? someone did tell me that if i don't get "all season" tires, they will start to crack b/c of the cold weather. something to do with the compound of the tires. is this true? The tires that i was leaning towards getting are the dunlop Direzza DZ101. i also want the tread of the tires to last as long as possible.

i also want a tire that's going to look good on my car. tires really do make a difference on how the car looks. i still want the car to look sporty, if you will.....

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



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I'm a 10 year master auto tech from WI. Your tires will not crack because of the cold. The only way you'll crack tires is if you buy race tires and drive them daily. They may crack due to too many heat cylces and the rubber will harden (on the race tires). Get yourself a Dunlop with a ultra high performance all season rating or high performance all season rating. We don't get pounded by too much snow to worry a great deal.

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Thank you Sexi Lexi for your input! i appreciate it!

so i was planning on the Direzza DZ101. what do you think about those? you think i'll be fine with our midwest weather?

Link to the Direzza DZ101

I like how it looks compared to the SP Sport 5000, but i know it's not all about looks. But i think i should be ok with those tires. do you agree? Let me know what you think, since you know more about this than I do.


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