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Is250 Speaker/sound Problems?

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Does anyone know any reason why my 2006 AWD IS250 (w/Nav) would be having speaker problems. It seem like the sound is "jumping" from speaker to speaker - more evident when I hit a bump or pothole. I took it back to the dealer since I had a couple of aftermarket items added (front/rear park assist & XM satalite installation), however after inspection by the dealer AND the company they used for these installations, they found NOTHING! This can't be the case because obviously SOMETHING is causing it! To me I think perhaps a wire is loose or something. They said they checked all the wiring and nothing appears to be loose.

The only thing in my manual that I can find that even closely references this problem is under "Adjusting the ALS". However, after making sure this is OFF, still the same problem. The dealer is at a loss and is suggesting that I have speakers replaced and even an amplifier!?? I don't know much about cars and even less about audio, but this doesn't sound like a solution.

Anyone have any theories?

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Anyone have any theories?

Have you been able to isolate the problem to a single source (i.e. FM, AM, CD, Aux, etc)?

The reason I ask is that I've also experienced a strange phenomena occuring on two FM stations recently. I thought I was having speaker problems until I noticed the same thing in my wife's Acura. I'm left with believing there's some sort of intereference with those channels (although I haven't really proved that *yet*).

I see you're in Virginia. Any chance your "speaker jumping" occurs with WMZQ or DC101?

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Just bought a 2006 IS250 AWD and my driver's front speaker appears to have sound and then not have sound when I hit bumps. Heading to the dealer tomorrow to have it checked out.

2008-12-22 update: looks like the iPod integration kit had some loose connections. Seems to have done the trick.

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