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  1. Thank you for the "on/off" suggestion... however, by the afternoon the car was mysteriously working again! For two days my ACC power was continuously running and I don't have a clue what happened. Let's just hope it doesn't happen again.
  2. I noticed this post is the exact same issue I am having... did you ever receive a resolution?... from the dealer? Do you know what you were doing to cause the problem??
  3. I have a 2006 Lexus IS 250.... I can turn the engine off, but for some reason, the radio, navigation, and display screen STAYS ON! When this happens, I can't even lock the doors and it beeps like it does when I get out of the car with the keys while leaving the engine running. Since the key buttons didn't work (lock, unlock, or pop the trunk), I assumed a dead battery immediately replaced it only to find out that that wasn't the issue... the car still did the same thing. Unfortunately, I had to leave my car in this state all night and manually had to "key lock" the door just to keep the car safe overnight. In the morning, it was STILL in that state but the engine cranked up as usual... after a very slight hesitation. Also, the small display screen says "KEY NOT DETECTED" even though I just replaced the battery and can successfully start the engine.... and I tried the 5 second key to the start button to see if that made a difference... it didn't. Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions??
  4. Hi, Yes,the tires are susceptible to damage, but you are right...this "LEXUS PREMIER ROAD COVERAGE INSURANCE" is a rip-off! I bought it (60 months tire and wheel complete" from my Lexus finance guy when I purchased my IS250, only to find out that the coverage is null and void if you buy your tires from someone else! They didn't mention, nor did I see in my contract, that you had to keep buying your tires from LEXUS! Who buys tires from the dealer??? Especially when you can find better prices elsewhere! I forgot to mention that the insuring company (AUTOMOBILE PROFESSIONALS INC) was no longer servicing my policy (for whatever reason) and they referred me to my dealership for services....and then THEY told me I had to have bought the tires from them to file a claim! Arrrrgh! So D-O-N-E!! Please....don't waste your money. So not worth it!
  5. LoL! Yeah, that's what I thought. <_< But that's quoting exactly what I was told.
  6. Yeah, I just got a call from Lexus yesterday regarding this...they wanted me to schedule an appointment right away. I don't know the specifics, but I was told they were doing something to correct each of the following for my 06 IS250: * Fuel delivery pipe * Electric power steering * Rear brake caliber
  7. The same thing happened to me when I had my tint put on my 06 IS250. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have noticed it if he didn't bring it to my attention. You were right, it did look like very minor damage...but damage is damage, was a brand new car. Fortunately, the installer was an honest guy and apologized and told me that he will order the replacements and put them in for me at no charge. When he called me back in when they were delivered, it only took a matter of minutes to install. So I assumed the process was realatively easy. Not sure if this helps, but I wanted to let you know my experience with this same situation.
  8. I don't have an '07 IS250, but I have the '06 IS250AWD and have successfully paired it with my Samsung A900M. HOWEVER...every now and then I experience "outages" and I get the "Bluetooth Connection Unsuccessful" screen message upon starting the car. Usually when this happens, I am unsuccessful in immediately pairing it again and will have to re-load the phone from scratch by deleting, adding, and trying to pair again. After all this, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I learned the hard way that it is usually easier to just wait out the day or two for it to re-pair on its own. Go figure! I have to admit that I am not a fan of the A900m. Although it has a lot of functionality and is fairly user friendly, it has a LOT of quirks! I have been through three (1 A900 and 2 A900m) so believe me...I KNOW! These were not isolated issues. The biggest problem I experienced from the A900m is the keypad locking up! Imagine an incoming call ringing in that you are unable to answer! Let me put it this way....I can't wait until my contract runs out in July!
  9. Does anyone know any reason why my 2006 AWD IS250 (w/Nav) would be having speaker problems. It seem like the sound is "jumping" from speaker to speaker - more evident when I hit a bump or pothole. I took it back to the dealer since I had a couple of aftermarket items added (front/rear park assist & XM satalite installation), however after inspection by the dealer AND the company they used for these installations, they found NOTHING! This can't be the case because obviously SOMETHING is causing it! To me I think perhaps a wire is loose or something. They said they checked all the wiring and nothing appears to be loose. The only thing in my manual that I can find that even closely references this problem is under "Adjusting the ALS". However, after making sure this is OFF, still the same problem. The dealer is at a loss and is suggesting that I have speakers replaced and even an amplifier!?? I don't know much about cars and even less about audio, but this doesn't sound like a solution. Anyone have any theories?