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Life Of Transmission


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Happy New Year to all.

I have 225,000 miles with original Transmission. Every 15,000 miles i drain and refill my transmission and next 15,000 take to mechanic to change filter and refill it. (Dex III)

Just wondering what is the life of transmission?


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Pretty much indeffinately. We lack design / mechanical problems so.

Pretty much just whenever the clutch material finally wears out, or the bands give way & the bands are pretty relatively big so. We don't really ahve problems with the bands.

So really... Just keep ontop of it & they'll last an un-answerable amount of time LoL! There were 2-3 v6 3rd gen Camry's (92-96) on toyotanation a couple of years ago that ahd eclipsed 300,000m without being touched so...

Good job on the fluid!

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