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Vitek's Bad Service


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I dont know how many other people have ordered spark plug wires from vitek preformance but im having a world of trouble getting my wires from them and its already been charged to the credit card. I ordered my wires back in october its now going on to january and if you try and contact them they alwasy give you the same bull*BLEEP* reply that is they moved their company and dont know where any thing is WTF!!! What kind of crap is this. Has anyone else had these problems?

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Like Gunnut says, cancel the order, get your money back. Then go to the Lexus dealer (maybe Toyota can get them too) and get a stock wire set. They are the best, fit perfectly, work well, last a long time. I have tried the "aftermarket super duper low resistance fireball flame thrower NASA approved" crap wires in the past, and sent them all back. Stick with OEM.

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i too ordered some vitek wires. the servce sucks royally. exact same issues. no reply form the emails, and it took a long, long, long time (cant remember how long). But after long last they came... and to my surprise... more issues the damn things didn't fit correctly, too long, so i had to modify my spark plug cover on the side without the air intake. but they do seem to work correctly. if you want a refund act quickly as the wires are prob in the mail. personally i'd use the OEM's also.

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