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Hey guys, my girl friend has a 93 SC300 which needs some maintenance done on it. Not to long ago the ABS light was on because the gauge cluster was replaced. I came here and found a write up on how to turn it off and I took care of that no problem. But I cant find the website anymore. The site had a bunch of good info on it, how to change the fuel filter, spark plugs, coolant flush, AC recharge, etc. I was wondering if anyone knows of the site Im talking about?

Here are some things I need to do to it.

Replace fuel filter- easy enough, anything special I need to know?

Replace spark plugs- need to know what to torque them to, and what are good plugs. I run NGK's in my Mustang torqued to 13 ft lbs, are those good for these cars? I know gap is .044.

Front control arm bushings are messed up. Not sure if its upper or lower. But can I replace the bushings, or do I have to buy a new control arm? If I can just replace the bushings, where can I find them? It

looks like I can just replace the bushings according to this, http://www.pbase.com/xavier/gallery/bushings Just found these. Looks like these are good for the front lower control arms, http://rep.racepages.com/parts/racepages/w...showdc=true#top

Replace front and rear shocks- looks like stock ones are KYB, correct?

Replace brake pads- any write ups for this?

Change tranny fluid- any idea on how much to get and what to use? Make sure tranny is at full temp when checking fluid level correct?

Change rear end fluid- anything special here? Just need to know how much and what to get?

Lastly, where is the best place to pick up the shocks, struts, and lower control arm bushings?

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