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92 Sc 400 Stereo Problems

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Hey everyone,

I'm back from doing my thing in the Sand Box(IRAQ) and I jst got married to (daddy's little girl). Well dad is crazy about me since I replaced the regulator on his daughter's 92 SC 400 (thanks for the diagram AWJ, you're the man!!). But after Blowing stuff up in the DESERT, I've come home to this little annoying problem.

The driver's side midrange speaker doesn't work properly. I get sound from all of the other speakers except that one. The car has a Nakamichi system in it. Is there anything I need to be aware of before I snatch off the door panel and whip out my Fluke meter?

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Had I found Saadam, I would have bought everyone in the SC forum something nice with the 25 Million. :D

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I had the same problem with my SC and the speakers had dry rotted. I replaced them with some Infinity's and it sounds so much sweeter. In fact I replaced all of them. I had to do a little Dremel tool work to move up to 5 1/4's in the back and still use the factory grill. I use a kicker free air sub with a kicker amp using a plug in bass module in the factory sub location. Sounds nice. I 'm still putting to together some amps and head units on paper before I do anything else. The factory system is still runnning strong and clean. It's pretty simple to change them out if you stick with the 4 inch factory size. They fit right into the basket in the door that holds them. Just be careful when you slide the door up to unhook it. The wires to the courtesy lights aren't to long!

Hint: If your factory grill covers have faded you can peel them off and turn the over! It's just the edges are glued down, so there is no residue on the over side and the color is factory fresh. later

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I'm not sure who it was that emailed me, but I'm using a Kicker ZR120 amp and a Kicker Comp VR 01C10vr4 Subwoofer. (pretty good reviews on "sounddomain" website) I did remove the factory sub and mounted the kicker in that location. The amp is mounted on some plywood and mounted over gas tank using angle iron pieces (Lowes). The amp comes with a crossover module. The amp's speaker connection is plugged right into the existing wires. Power is straight off the battery and the turn on line is off the ignition line (I got it wired that way to lessen a dead battery deal). I did have to make a ring from MDF for the sub so it would clear the gas tank a bit more. I used some 1/4 rubber hose and glue gun around the edge of the speaker to raise the cover a hair ( the throw from the woofer was slightly bumping it when I got a little boom going on back there). It all looks pretty "factory" and keeps the wandering eyes away. HUGE difference in bass without giving up what little trunk space we have. Hope this helps.

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Thanks everyone for the advice, I just got back from yet another rocket launch. We've been really busy lately. My Base responds to the entire eastern space launch range. Thats from Thule, Greenland up north to Barbados in the southern Carribean ocean. With only 12 guys in my shop, we stay on the road about 4-8 months out of the year. Thank God I have the Greatest Wife in the World. As a matter of fact, I leave on Wed. 3 Sep to go to Barbados to blow up a piece of a missile that some fishermen found off the coast. And to finally answer your question Robert, yes I replaced the two front mids with the same size infinitys and that did the trick. Thanks once again :D


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So it wasn't the amp(s) then? My speakers don't put out any sound, is that how yours were? any help would be awesome. Oh and also, are there multiple amps, because I could only find 1, so that would rule out the amp problem since all my other speakers work, right? I need this resolved so PLEASE HELP! thanks guys.


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