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93 Owners Name Ya Issues

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So like i explained on another topic, I was thinking about buying a 1993 ES with 110k miles but as i posted that up i recieved many replies saying to be careful with that yr and because i also read about some issues owners of the 93 model had it kind of pushed me back n scared me a little bit so this is why I put up a new topic. 93 OWNERS NAME YA ISSUES, I think it will give me a view of what Im gonna be getting myself into.

All the negative things and warning ya'll provided its appreciated, thanks a lot. Its kind of ya looking out for me.. THANK YOU SO MUCH :)

MizZLiLRuMp ;)

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92 and 93 has zero differences

to see the chanes look at the faq as there are many that i listed for just this reason

since they are frequently asked questions about the ES

the 95-96 look different but are the same the 94 is going to be cheaper though

i personally wouldn't spend anything on a 92-93

too much headache

and less used parts

as the newer engine is still in production form the 94 and up

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