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Does The Sludge / Gelling Reoccur Once Fixed By Lexus


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My 99 ES300 with about 72K miles on it had the Oil pressure light show up. The long and short of it is that the dealer diagonized a gelling problem and is fixing the car as Lexus per warranty.

My concern is that will this problem reoccur, with the routine 3-4K oil changes I do. I am not sure if they (can) fix anything that would change any existing internal engineering, for this problem to go away. I assume they are just replacing the worn out internal engine parts, which does not fix the original cause. So I am concerend that this will just reoccur in a few more years, and I won't have any warranty to back me up that time.

Am I correct in my rational? Any comments, thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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Hey, I have an 2000 and mine was done a few years ago and it still happens to this day. I took it back and they wouldn't redo the work. It seemed like the engine got worse - more oil consumption, even though I had started using synthetic oil and changing it regularly. Maybe I just have a lemon....good luck. My car now has 166k on it.

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I agree with steve here. I think if you use a good oil and change it out per the book, as steve noted, (and change PCV etc) you will not have any issues. But that is me; coming from a 98 sludge prone model with zero sludge. More sure way is to pull the valve cover and look or do an oil test.

Mairella - Sludge can have more oil consumption but that is not the tell all. What am I saying is that if you have more oil consumption, do not think (BAM) you have sludge.

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