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Finally Got Some Sound Again!


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No pics, digicam = pwned so don't ask.

So I sold off all my audio to fund moving this spring & that never panned out LoL! So the Lex has been audio=less for the most part.

2x 2004 Kicker 10" L7's, JBL 1200.1 in sealed boxes

Kicker SMB8's cut into the rear deck powered by some hobo 150w amp

6 1/2" Infinity kappa components

3 1/2" Infinity kappa 2-ways stuffed into the dash

boo-hoo, oh well!

So I snagged some Kicker KS60's NIB for $32 shipped for my little cousin's Z71. They sounded real nice in such a small cab & I wound up getting bit by the bug again. *BLEEP* components. I aint going to that cost & trouble anymore in this car... The stock locations lend themselves perfectly fine for sound-staging with the dash speakers reflecting straight off the front windshield.

Bought myself a pair of Polk DP690 6*9's & Polk DB650's for the doors.

Looking for some halfway descent 240-300w 4 channel amp to drive them.

Now I remember when I did the kappa dash speakers I had to use a hole-saw to get them to fit well & commented to myself nothing larger would fit, but I'm really wanting to rip the dash up & trying to stuff some 5 1/4" Polks in there too... hmmmmmmmmm

Eh... Atleast I have some sound now!

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I think 6x9's will be way to deep to put in the doors... will probaby affect your window roll down ability.

Yeah, Toyrme, those Polk's aren't too bad. I bought a pair after seeing a bunch of positive feedback on them, and I'm pretty happy with their sound.

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