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Can You Tell Me If These Are The Valve Covers


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I just noticed a burning oil smell and when I looked at the engine I noticed a little smoke on the passenger side. You cant even see the smoke unless u have the hood up and the smoke is vague but you can smell it. Well, I got to looking around and there was no oil on the ground and the underbody of the car wasn't real wet. I started to feel around and found a slight leak on the passenger side. The photos will show where the small leak is coming from but can you tell me if these are the valve covers or something much worse.




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Yes, that is the valve cover, and yes, its leaking! What years is your LS? A DIY is an option, if you're so inclined. Check with your dealer's parts dept to see if there's anything besides the gasket should be done. I believe there's a tutorial on doing the gaskets as well, but its really not a huge job to do.

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