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Can't Get Engine Cover Off To Replace Bulb !

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I removed the front engine cover with no problems, I simply popped off the clips. However, I can't get the two side covers off. There is a small screw on the inside of each engine cover that I can't figure out how to remove. It seems simple but I keep twisting the screws but I can't get them off. I'm sure it's something simple but I don't get it.

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Well I finally got the parking lights replaced. The only problem is I was trying to get my daytime running lights to have the 'xenon' look, unfortunately I didn't do my research and assumed the dtrl were the parking lights. The damn guy at the dealer told me they were the parking lights and when the headlights came on the dimmed 40%. No wonder they dim so much, because its not the same damn bulb. What a waste of time. I guess I need to order some 9006 bulbs.

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