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Jdm Toyota Vent Visors And Coat Hangers


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I added some visors from Japan which i ordered. They ended up costing almost $300 and they ended up having the front passenger side cracked in the corner. I am waiting to get a replacement as they where shipped not as well as they should have been to protect them. I could not wait to get them on and only found out it was broken when i pulled the doublesided tape away from it and saw it flex by the chrome strip.

I also got some coat hangers that sit on the headrest supports. I have one the right way and the other upside down as they sit lower. I am going to try and make it so it sits lower as it looks better.Oh yah you can see the curtains slightly also.

I also have a Junction produce FUSA hanging from my mirror which i won from Lex fest . I am hoping to receive my other prize from Junction produce who is supposed to mail to me but they have not emailed me back.





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