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What Is Service Costing You


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Is it my imagination or is service getting ALOT more expensive.

My 2004 LX470 has been costing about $200 per the average and $900 for the 30k. The 40K was just over two hundred. I just dropped it off to get the 45k and the guy told me it is $571! WTF.

I see they are changing the tranny and front and back differential fluids but $571?

The gave me a hybrid for a loaner. A different animal indeed! Other than zero noise at a standstill, it has good pickup but I do not like the varible tranny.

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Well now it is going to cost even more! I made the mistake of walking into the showroom while waiting for my LX470 to be brought up for pick-up and there it was a new LS460! I am on my 3rd LX and I think it is a time for change. If the new LX replacement is bigger or built here in the USA, I want no part of it.

Going to the dealer today to sign papers for the 460

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My dealer wants $750 for the 45K service! How about that? This is what they do:

-replace front/rear diff, transfer case fluids

-drain & fill transmission fluid

-change engine oil, oil filter

-change air filter

-change cabin air filter

-rotate tires

-lube driveshafts

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