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Leaking Shaft Oil?


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I know that I have a leaking oil problem with the odyssey, but here's something new, there's oil stains on the rear part of my garage! i haven't parked the odyssey in reverse in my garage and so i have a suspicion that it's coming from one of the gas guzzlers. Now I doubt that it's the 4Runner, so could it possibly be the GX? Has anyone else experience oil leaks coming from the rear of the vehicle?:cries:

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That's what I was kinda thinking of. I'll check that. If the 4Runner wasnt here, it would be obvious that it came from the GX but since both are rear wheel drives, its hard to tell! :wacko: :chairshot:

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Ok . Never mind. I knew where it came from. I backed the ody out one day (half way out of the garage) to get something, and it must have leaked while it temporarily stayed there. So the front of the vehicle was in the back of the garage, which makes sense because that's where i saw the oil. Geez, this ody needs some attention! :wacko:

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