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My 2003 LS430 has low profile tires--that pick up every ripple in the road. Does anyone know what is involved in changing to regular-sized tires?

My 2006 LS430 has a similar problem, although I'm mostly irritated by the "booming" noise from the OEM Dunlop 5000S 245/45-18 size tires. I've noted on the "Tire Rack" site that the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx and the Michelin Pilot Sport AS tires get better reviews for noise. A higher aspect ratio tire might also help and I've noted that 245/50-18 are around 1" larger diameter (fits on the OEM 18 - 7.5 rim, not sure about clearance to body and approx. 4% speedo error) and that 235/50-18 are about the same diameter as the OEM tires and will most likely fit. You also might find another owner willing to trade the 225/55-17 OEM tires and wheels, when I boought my car I couldn't find anyone that had the base wheel / tire combination in stock.

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