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  1. My 2003 LS430 has low profile tires--that pick up every ripple in the road. Does anyone know what is involved in changing to regular-sized tires?
  2. We have a 99 ES300. The "TRAC OFF" indicator will not extinguish when we operate the TRAC switch. We also get CHECK ENGINE light. When we use the Diagnostic Analyzer, we get Code PO 1133 and PO 1135 "Manufacturer Specified Code". Does anyone have similar info? Jay in HP.
  3. Thanks for responses. Now we've refined our search to removing the front ashtray to get to repairing the lighter. Does anyone have details?
  4. Please ask for any help in removing the console on my '99 LS400, so I can repair the lighter and get my Radar Detector working again. I don't want to do irreparable damage to the console.
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