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  1. Lexus actually supplies a flashlight in the tool kit (remember to check the batteries occasionally), so no under hood light. My GMC truck still has one, but I haven't seen one in a car for a while.
  2. The camera plugs into a separate Television Camera ECU, located on the upper right side of the trunk area. The wiring diagram shows it under (outside, to the right of) the stereo amp. There are four wires from the camera to the Television Camera ECU; they look to be video +, video -, battery power and ground. The signal path for the Television Camera ECU goes through several other ECUs before it gets to the nav display screen.
  3. Update, holding the A/C Off button did the trick and I did stumble on the instruction for that about 2/3 back in the owners manual section 4.3. I think this "test" is probably triggered more by miles / time driven on the computer (since A/C is almost always on) than any real measurement of air flow restriction, a bit like the oil change warning that has a similar reset function.
  4. A real issue is brake caliper clearance, I think the other Lexus models use a cheaper sllding caliper design that does not stick out as far. I do not know what the performance brake package on the IS has for calipers, so wheels meant for that option might work.
  5. I put the factory XM unit in my 2006 about 8 years ago and generally have no problem with reception, unless I'm in a long tunnel or have either a large hill to the south or thick trees overhead. The factory option radio which integrates with the nav system was the original XM design, with 2 antenna leads and apparently is no longer available. After the XM system had been up for a while, they realized they could take the performance hit and combine antennas for the satellite and ground repeaters. While that would hit overpass performance the more modern antennas are generally better and smaller
  6. Unfortunately, the only electronic version of the factory repair manual that I found was on the Toyota Tech Info website, for which I was able to get a 24 hour account in 2006 for something like $15. The format for the information is not pretty (at least back then), being something like 1600 small pdf files grouped into 44 sections probably so they could change only a small file as required. I spent an evening in the office to download all of them and then used Acrobat to past the various sections together. In the section format, the files are much larger than I think this site and most email
  7. Just a thought, but try forcing everything without stable memory to reset. First, make sure the battery positive connection is good. Then disconnect the battery ground for at least 30 seconds and replace it with quick / firm contact with the battery (no multiple arcs). Somewhere in the owners manual there is a list of things you then need to reset, such as moving the seats to the end of range to calibrate the memory. I just did a quick look and could not find the right section, so it might be somewhere not obvious.
  8. Thanks for the advise, I'll see if I can find an OEM and then maybe paint the slats on the original (the only parts that are bad) for a spare. I just hate it that my plastic GMC grill looks almost new with far more miles.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, I thought there might be something like that and had not found it!!
  10. I've started to get a "replace A/C filter" warning at engine start. However, the filter is essentially new and shows not even dust (OEM Toyota branded filter, not aftermarket). I've had filters before with significant dust and various bugs at replacement that did not generate that warning. Everything seems to work fine and even the lowest manual fan speed pushes a reasonable amount of air. I may have to get back on the Toyota Tech Info website, as the repair manuals I've downloaded earlier do not discuss the test. Any ideas would be welcome.
  11. Has anyone found a nice aftermarket front grille? I'm looking for something very similar to OEM appearance, but hopefully in metal instaed of plastic. I'm not happy that the painted surfaces on most of the horizontal bars in the OEM grille have totally worn away, with only 30k miles on the car.
  12. I wanted to try the Continental Extreme Contact DWS, but they were in the middle of changing the 245/45-18 size to an XL load rating and none were available. A number of the other tire manufacturers are also changing that size to XL rating, which may mean more ride and noise issues for that size and the Lexus wheels will not accept much else. I might look into the 235/50-18 as used on the LS 460 in the future, they are only a bit larger in diameter and I don't drive the LS like my sports cars. Therefore, for the last tire change I had Michelin Primacy MXM4s installed as a substitute. The Mich
  13. Hopefully, the suggestions for A/C fluid level check will fix your problem. However, one thing most of the dealers and mechanics don't seem to be aware of (or don't want to be) is that A/C compressor clutch wear is much more significant with recent cars. The main thing to look for is normal A/C operation when the engine is cold, but the compressor operation starts to cut out when underhood temperature warms up (potentially the cause of the idle issue, as the electronics would get confused). This is due to the shift in design from a compressor that runs 100% of the time with the A/C on to a syt
  14. Jac is correct! On our 2006 the Lexus Link was not even installed becasue service would not last past a couple of years, but they still left the stupid antenna in place. I don't think any service is available now for the analog type phone service that Lexus Link used. The LS 430 for other markets did not have Lexus Link, so they did have a roof panel without the antenna that could have been used. Not wanting the antenna to get ripped off, early on I simply installed a stainless screw in its place. I've tried to figure out some other use for the antenna, but haven't found anything other than s
  15. We drove the HS earlier this year and thought that the drivetrain wasn't as smooth as the 2010 Prius. We will look forward to driving the CT for a potential city car only, can't beat our LS as a long trip car!
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