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01 Lx470 Suspension

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When I am stopped, sometimes the car will raise and lower automatically without anyone touching the ride or height settings. Any suggestions as to why this is happening?

Does this also happen when driving very slow, like 5mph? I suspect the wheel sensors might be giving false readings due to dirt/corrosion. Other than that, there's just the ECU, which accepts signals from the wheel sensors and vehicle speed. Everything else is pretty much mechanical (and the height adjuster is working since the vehicle does raise/lower). Looks like a job for the dealer.

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take for example this, you go to Lowes/Home Depot with your ---- LX470. Your doing a little cementing this afternoon at your house so you buy 2-3 bags of quikrete. You take the heavy bags of cement powder and put them on your cart and go to the checkout. Push them outside and get to your LX. You pick up the heavy bags of cement and throw them in the trunk of your LX470. Now you get in and turn the engine on. The rear should lift back up to level hight after a few seconds.

NOW you drive home and park in your driveway but leave the engine running as you want to take the cement out near the end of your super long uber rich driveway. You take them out one by one while leaving the tailgates open engine on and in park....you wouldnt want it rolling away from you now

So all 3 bags of quikrete are unloaded and you shut your tailgate....*BLEEP*ssssssstt. Your back end just droped a few inchs to level back out. That was your auto hight control doing its job, leveing your car out even while the ENGINE IS ON WHILE IN PARK.


pkingsley819, your front dropping a little once you put it in park/stopped after driving around for a while is most likely normal.....unless its dropping down onto the tires, then you got mas problemas. Either front or rear dropping/raising just a smidget after normal driving is totally normal.

i jsut copyed and pasted that from my post on clublexus about another guy wondering what his truck is doing when its stop when it raises/lowers. Jim may be on to something with a sensor being off your truck gets really wacky with the height.

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