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Causes Of A P0170 Ecu Code?

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Hey guys,

Well my last post was about my check engine light coming on last week. I took it to Autozone and scanned it with an OBDII Scanner and popped a Code P0170. I cleared the code and drove home. When trying to SEARCH here on the site for causes of the P0170 code I couldn't really find any possible culprits. I drove the car about another 200 miles with no problems so I thought the trusty Autozone employee may have guessed right when he said it could have been from bad gas. So driving home today (200 miles later) and the Check Engine light came on again. I haven't re scanned the ECU but my gut is telling me I'm gonna see another Code P0170.

Trying to figure out what possible causes there are for a "Fuel Trim Malfunction (Code P0170)". If anyone has experienced this in the past, any help would be appreciated. Some things I can tell you is the car starts and runs fine, however in low gears (especailly after start up) there is some hesitation when I accelerate. In the higher gears it seems fine, but its definately got some noticable hesitation in first and sometimes second when I first restart the car.

Again, thanks for any help guys.

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