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Alternator Problem

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When I had purchased my LS400 from the Lexus dealer, they had prepped the engine using this wonderful tire dressing. The dressing has attracted a lot of dirt and grit over the months. So being a clean freak I decided to clean up the engine a little. I got my Griots Garage cleaner out and cleaned off all of the dirt and grime. I also took the time to rinse out the radiator fins, I couldnt believe how much dirt and dead bugs were stuck in there. The ground under the car was just black after rinsing it all off.

Now I have this whining sound. It started the day after I washed everything down. Its not the PS, the fluid is full, no leaks and the sound doesnt change when turning the streering wheel.

It sounds like its comming from the alternator. I had the charging system checked at AutoZone, they said all is well, alternator is doing its job. But the noise is driving me nuts. Its louder in the morning when I first start the car and its cold out, still there as it warms up but not as bad.

Should I replace the alternator now before it goes or what would you guys recommend? I was just going to order a reman DENSO from Park Place if I did need one. I dont trust AutoZone parts on my cars.

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