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  1. Hi all- I have decided to live with it and monitor it, as I agree it is just the sensor. Once the weather got cooler it would not come on as often... now that we are having a long Indian Summer, it is on more than off, but the temp gauge reads normal and all levels are where they belong. And since the brakes on 4Runner need doing (including those massive and expensive front calipers) I'm putting the $ where it will do the most good :) And yes, the normal position for the temp gauge needle is in the middle of the gauge, just above the 2nd line from the bottom (and pointing to 1200 on the tach).
  2. Yep, I should have mentioned there has been no loss of coolant.
  3. Hi folks- My coolant warning light has started to come on now and then. Seems to have no fixed pattern... sometimes it comes on when the engine is first started and cold, and goes off after 10 minutes @ 60 MPH. Sometimes it won't come on until 10 minutes after starting off. It generally goes off and comes back on every 5 or 10 minutes. Lately once it comes on, it stays on more than it is off. The temp gauge acts normally at all times, from cold to operating temperature, whether the light is on or not. I checked past posts and didn't find any definitive answers. Thermostat? A sensor? 116,000 miles on the '92. I appreciate any experienced help on this!
  4. Per the manual for a 1992... This vehicle is equipped with two electric cooling fans to help cool the radiator. When the air conditioner compressor is operating, the fans operate slowly, and when the radiator temperature increases, the fans operate rapidly to help cool the engine.
  5. Hi Kevin- I came across your post while looking for help on my coolant warning light... I hate to suggest the obvious, but have you checked the fuse for the lighters? My Lexus lighters were out. I checked the fuse and SWEAR it was OK. Asked for help on this board, went through a number of possibilities and nothing worked. Checked the fuse a few weeks later while I was down there for something else, and VOILA! it was blown. Changed it out and it both lighters worked again. As an FYI, I use my front lighter to recharge my cell phone, and have blown the fuse twice in less than 2 years... (Hey, and nice call, RFeldes!)
  6. Here you go! Good luck and let us know how it turns out! dtc6263.pdf dtc67.pdf
  7. Hi DC- I have no audio problem. The quote was from Pearly's original list of symptoms he identified when he encountered his audio problem. Pearly, where are you? Progress?
  8. DC- Will the faceplate PCB board explain: "Also the antenna wont go up i also notice the mileage tracker stop counting my miles soon as the radion stop working". ?
  9. Welcome to the club, and the joys of LS400 ownership. I hope the car treats you well! Curious about the $5000 in diagnosed issues. That sounds like a lot of green for a 1993 in repairs. What is on the agenda?
  10. I maintain what I suggested. My car started and ran when the radio and antenna was dead. I recall I later found out that the car is wired in such a way that the radio can die first before the charging system finally does. Note the two relays in the schematic. Take it to an Autozone and have them check the battery and the alternator. It's free and might save you more trouble than not having tunes! Good luck and let us know how you make out.
  11. Welcome to the club- I'll take a stab at this. You might want to check your alternator and battery. When I was installing a new antenna in my 1992 LS400 (and of course testing it and the radio's reception here and there while installing without starting the engine) I eventually discovered I had ran my old crappy battery so low that it would no longer power the radio or the antenna. Given the vintage and generation of your Lexus, which are prone to power steering fluid leaks onto the alternator below, you may have a charging system problem. Good luck!
  12. Hello, and welcome... The TRAC light will come on when the Check Engine light comes on, so it is the check engine light that is the clue. Assuming you have not done any work (or had any work done) on the car, you should take it to an AutoZone and have them run the diagnostic code. It is probably something minor. If there was some recent work done that confused the ECU, disconnecting the battery cable (positive or negative) does sometimes reset it and the warnings will disappear, as Sheab suggested. This just happened to me with my 4Runner after an oil change. I was driving it home when I noticed the Check Engine, VSC, and TRAC lights were all lit up. After the initial fuming, I checked the internet and found a variety of sad stories of people taking this issue to dealers and getting charged for several excuses/diagnoses, and a few that suggested disconnecting the cables, which is what I did, and the problem was solved. But, you don't have to disconnect and leave them over night... 10 seconds will do :)
  13. T-C, Yep, checked the alternator and it was fine. It was new when I bought the car in November of 2005 and did not suffer during the PS war. The battery, however, was definitely old and barely serviceable. All has been well now, 3 weeks and 1600 miles of clear sailing. I have used that Firestone before. They are straight shooters and have taken care of us pretty well. Although they are a "franchise" I think they each run fairly independently, and in these parts they have been the most consistent, reliable and fair of all mechanics I have used when necessary, so I didn't feel taken by the rack episode. NYS inspections have gotten much tighter over the past couple years. Thanks for the welcome-back!