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Aux In For Rx300 (may Work With Other Lexus Models)


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I recently modded my IS300 for an Aux input so I could hook up my iPod.

I was looking into doing the same to our 99 RX300 so I figured I'd give the IS mod a shot since no other relatively easy and cheap way existed.

The full IS mod is posted on my.is:


What I did for the RX is here:


If you want to give this a shot, read through both threads.

In my install in the RX, I spliced into the changer wires. I put a switch to switch back and forth from the iPod to the CD. To listen to the iPod, you put the radio in CD mode and control the iPod as normal. You only flick the switch if you want to listen to your CD. To save wear on the CD motor, just feed the changer an empty magazine and the radio will stay in CD mode and simply display ERR2 (empty magazine)

We did a second install last night but spliced into the HU wires. This allowed us to completely remove the changer. To listen to the iPod, you flick the switch in any mode and control the iPod as normal.

The sound is excellent and including the Belkin Auto Kit (which added the benefit of pausing the iPod when you turn off the car) cost a total of about $45.

If you have any questions, you can catch me here or on ClubLexus.

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