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  1. As I was recently emailed about this, I thought I would update it. The CR2-12V relays don't appear to be manufactured any more, but they are available. Here's one place:! It is a Panasonic part, and if you search CR2-12V, you'll get many leads.
  2. Found my disc! It was in a computer I rarely use. The CD is labeled as an ASA Shop copy that I bought several years ago and haven't seen since.
  3. No one? There was a nail polish called "Silver Mercedes", but it isn't made anymore...
  4. Mine made it to 248k before the transmission died. It was a 2001. I replaced it with another 2001 with 165k. We will see!
  5. I bought this for my late gold/topaz '01 RX300. It has gone to the boneyard and I now have an '01 black one (I like that car). Before the gold one dropped its transmission at 248k, I had bought a couple of things for it. One was the driver's side door cladding (with 'VSC' on it) and the other was two cans of the proper paint, code 1A2. It's name is either Topaz Metallic or Light Anthricite Metallic. Neither can has been used. I'd like $30 for the pair. The cans are regular spray paint sized cans and are made by Automotive Touchup. And the door cladding is also for sale. Hope this ad isn't out
  6. I was able to get my key made by sending 1010keys a picture. They sent me a key and the code. And, in one of those moments we all have, I found the original key code on a smallish tag stuck in a corner of the owner's manual holder. The code matched what 1010keys had sent me!
  7. I have a set that fits into the window channels. They do help with sun, but keep the windows from automatically going up. They will go up but go right back down. Are there any shades that won't affect the windows like this? What are you using?? I've read that the "pinch protection" can't be set on the 2001's.
  8. Several years ago I bought a 2001 RX300 repair manual on a CD. Other than having cryptic abbreviations in its table of contents, it was great. I'm fairly sure it was a legitimate product because of the way it was made and labelled. Well, it has disappeared and I don't see one of these for sale any more. Are those gone? The factory books are quite pricey and I have no experience with the recent Haynes/Clymer/Chilton school of manuals, other than hearing that they aren't too good. Any comments on those? Any source of "real" manuals, either paper or CD?
  9. Apparently the WW pump is in the front wheel well behind a plastic shield. One pump serves front and rear. That's a good start!
  10. That certainly doesn't explain the many kinds of regular and synthetic blends out there...
  11. Does anyone know the exact touchup paint for the silver wheels? I have a couple that could use a little paint.
  12. I recently acquired an '01 with 161,000 miles to replace my recently deceased '01 with 250,000 miles. I have a gallon or so of synthetic oil left over from the previous RX and I am wondering whether I can use it for my next oil change. I don't think this car has ever had synthetic oil in it and at this mileage, straight synthetic might not be the best idea. Could I use it if I mix it 50-50 with regular oil?
  13. So, I took a picture of my key and 1010keys will make me one. I've dealt with them before. They do good work. The key arrived in two days(!) California to Florida and works fine. Excellent!
  14. That ikeyless website wants too much information before you can learn anything. Pass.
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