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  1. The override was never removed from Gen2/3 units. It was removed from newer units.. However, it looks like they did rearrange the menus to prevent people from accidentally hitting the Loading buttons which can kill the unit. Check out the previous menus.. http://lexus-toyota-nav-trouble.blogspot.c...01_archive.html
  2. This is one of the few LPS you can change yourself, if you don't like it. How do you change it?
  3. Has anyone successfully created a hybrid disc for the Nav on a 2008? thanks.
  4. I figured out that on my Treo, once I answer it, I have to turn off the speaker phone on the phone itself. My wife has a Samsung Blade and we also have to go into the options (on the phone) and turn off the speaker. It's not as nice as simply answering the phone. I answer it over the car speakers and then switch off the speaker phone. Also, on your Treo, have you figured out how to transfer the address book to your Nav? edit: I found where to do it on the Treo and Blade.. I'll try it later..
  5. Is there a way to have a phone connected to the Bluetooth system and be able to choose whether or not the call is answered over the speakers or over the phone. I like having it tethered but when a call comes in, it plays over the speakers. This is fine when no one else is in the car, but if I want privacy, how do I get it on the phone only without having to disconnect from the system? thanks, tom
  6. The above idea should work (in theory) I've found the LOADING.KWI file for GEN 4 and GEN 5 systems, but nothing else. Anyone have any friends or connections over in Japan? I've tried searching for Torrents of the NAV disc and the only other one I've seen is for China. I'm sure there is a whole torrent network for Japan, but not knowing the language, I couldn't find anything. I've seen this issue on lots of boards, prius boards, toyotanation, lexus boards etc, and not one solution.
  7. My unit is different.. It only has one board attached to the drive with a ribbon cable and no momentary switch. I'm guessing a way to fix it is to feed it a Japanese NAV DVD and then choose US disk. Searches for torrents don't show anything and there has to be a way to reset the darn thing.
  8. I believe you need the upgrade DVD.. The DVD actually mentions it's for upgrading. http://www.toyota-4runner.org/showthread.p...ht=00125DVD05CY
  9. I recently modded my IS300 for an Aux input so I could hook up my iPod. I was looking into doing the same to our 99 RX300 so I figured I'd give the IS mod a shot since no other relatively easy and cheap way existed. The full IS mod is posted on my.is: http://my.is/forums/showthread.php?t=277880&page=1&pp=30 What I did for the RX is here: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/showthread.php?t=215793 If you want to give this a shot, read through both threads. In my install in the RX, I spliced into the changer wires. I put a switch to switch back and forth from the iPod to the CD. To listen to the iPod, you put the radio in CD mode and control the iPod as normal. You only flick the switch if you want to listen to your CD. To save wear on the CD motor, just feed the changer an empty magazine and the radio will stay in CD mode and simply display ERR2 (empty magazine) We did a second install last night but spliced into the HU wires. This allowed us to completely remove the changer. To listen to the iPod, you flick the switch in any mode and control the iPod as normal. The sound is excellent and including the Belkin Auto Kit (which added the benefit of pausing the iPod when you turn off the car) cost a total of about $45. If you have any questions, you can catch me here or on ClubLexus.
  10. So this is the upstream, before the cat..right? oxygensensors.com says 2 are required. which is considered sensor 1. does anyone have any pics? thanks.
  11. I have an 03 IS with factory NAV. I've added the voice recognition and I'm interested in the remote control. I know the Avalon remote works but it's $130. I'd like to get the codes programmed into my Palm handheld since it can act as a remote control. Does anyone have the remote for the factory NAV? thanks.
  12. My Check Engine light came on today so I hooked up my PC and it read: --P0125 Insufficient Coolant Temperature for Closed Loop Fuel Control --P1133 Sensor Circuit Slow Response (Bank 1 Sensor 1) --P1135 Sensor Heater Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 1) I cleared the Check Engine light and about a few minutes later the following came up: --P1130 O2 Sensor Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 1) I reset it again and a few minutes later the P1130 came back on. In any case, it seems that the O2 sensor in Bank 1 Sensor 1 is bad. Does anyone know the part # for this? and where is a good place to get this. I found a few different O2 sensors. on Advance Auto Parts website: Which one do I need? is Bank 1 Sensor 1 the Downstream or Upstream? The Bosch is twice the money and has a 1 year Warranty and the Beck/Arnley has a Lifetime warranty for half the price. Bosch 13338 OE Type; 4 Wire; Heated; Downstream Sensor; Check/Replace Interval 100 K Miles 1 Year Replacement Warranty Ships in 1 day Weight: 0.3 lbs. $222.88 Bosch 13333 OE Type; 4 Wire; Wideband; Upstream Sensor; Two required; Check/Replace Interval 100 K Miles 1 Year Replacement Warranty Ships in 1 day Weight: 0.3 lbs. $328.88 NAPA has this one for $200 Beck/Arnley 1568401 See image and details for this item Repl Type Oxygen Sensor: Flange Type Lifetime Limited Warranty Ships in 1 day Weight: 0.3 lbs. $118.88 Beck/Arnley 1568400 See image and details for this item Univ Type Oxygen Sensor: Screw Type Lifetime Limited Warranty Ships in 1 day Weight: 4.1 lbs. $93.48 thanks
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