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Spider Web Or Swirl Marks

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If you have red or granite (metallic), do you get swirl marks or spider webs?

I don't have any swirl marks yet, but what are you doing to get them?? What do you use to dry off the car?? Or, when you wax your car what are you using to take off the wax??

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I don't have it yet, still deciding on colors. Light colors will not show spider webs or hairline scratches as bad as dark colors. In addition, dust is not as noticeable from far. I wash my car all the time and would use a chamois if it was a dark color. However, if someone else wash your car and used a towel, would it cause swirl marks on a metallic dark color paint? I have a silver Mercedes and it is easy to clean. I was debating if I should get an IS in granite.

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Darker colors are absolutely easier to swirl or scratch. BUT, if you really want a dark colored car just invest some time in learning how to care for it properly, or some money in hiring a pro. You definately have to be careful with any dark colored car.

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