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1990 Transmission Problems Ls400


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Hey Everyone!





I have some problems with my transmission. So I want to look around at junk yards and see if I can get a new one. Thus, these are my questions.:

1) What other years and model transmissions can I use for my vehicle?

2) What should I be cautious of?

3) Are there othe essential parts that I should switch out when I swith my transmission?

(Questions #1 is most important)

Thanks Everyone!

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LS400s are all rear-wheel drive; ES300s are front W.D. The former has a V-8 engine with displacement of 4.0 (about 3960cc); and latter 3.0 liter. They are completely diff.

I am not sure if a 94 tranny can fit but 91 will for sure. I have to check the tranny model numbers.

I'd like to recommend a new tranny (or a re-built one) if the rest of you car in good condition because trannies are not like body parts: you cannot see by looking at it if the owner(s) of the car had taken good care of it.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

John Q.

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