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Engine Warning Light

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Hi I've just had changed my 4 oxygen sensor a month ago...

(Spark Plugs (IK20), K&N air filter, oil, also)

Now this morning the light came on again... (engine light)

I tought this light was just for faulty oxygen sensor.

I didn't have time again to do get the code,

but is there a lot of other problem this light is good for ????

Again the same stange thing,,, 3000 kms between the reset (to zero from the previous oxy. sens. change) and this time for the light to come on again.

Just like something already set in the computer by Lexus, just to make us pay again...

I have ride the car for about six month before deceiding myself to change the sensor (winter time) and eveytime I unplugged the battery to reset the computer and dash light, and strangly the engine light was light ing up always around 3000 kms, Very strange...


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There are many, many, hundreds of codes that will illuminate the check engine light.

Many faults take a certain amount of time or number of driving cycles before a code will be set and the MIL (Multifunction Indicator Lamp) will be lit. Incidentally, the technical term "MIL" is what technicians sometimes refer to the check engine light as.

Unfortunately, you have to visit the computer once again and see what the problem is now. It is entirely possible that the original problem was misdiagnosed, therefore not corrected by replacing so many parts. As well, one of the parts may have failed.

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