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Loc Cat Lovers...help!


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Last night, i came in the house from work and i left the screen door open, it doesnt shut all the way like it should, i think the gas cylinder is bad. Anyways, i pulled it shut behind me, but apparently not all the way.

My Wife's cat, Snowball, exited...stage left. We didnt notice she was gone for about an hour. Meghan started looking for her and couldnt find her anywhere. as we were looking, Meghan glanced out the window of the house that looks into the backyard (no fence, military housing) and saw her for a split second...then the cat darted off into the darkness.

Meghan and i frantically scrambled to catch her...but to no avail. she does come when called, but we havent seen her since. The neighbor saw her this morning early in the area.

The cat is 7 years old...been both an indoor and an outdoor cat its whole life, but has been entirely indoors since we got her from my sister in law 2 months ago...any chance she knows her way home??? My sister in laws house is a 10 minute drive...literally right around the corner...

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Yes the kitty knows her way home, but she might stay away for up to two days, especially if the weather is hot. BUT bad things can sometimes happen (kitty could get hurt by a car, get injured in a cat fight, get trapped in a garage, etc.). For these reasons you should considering getting an electronic tracking device for the kitty. It's a tiny thing that attaches to a flea collar. Then if kitty ever dissappears you can track her.

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The kitty will return (she probably went exploring & mousing), she know where she lives (been around Cat's my entire life......& my Sister runs a non profit charity with 60+ cats at her place.....just ask steviej lol). The only worry I about is the cars...... :huh:


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