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Looking For Shifter Ball/boot/bezel

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Hi All,

I just put my salvaged SC300 5spd on the road today but still have some parts and pieces to track down. I haven't found a shift knob, boot, and bezel anyplace but the Lexus store, and the parts-counter guy just blew me away with his quoted price. I have a $9.99 Schucks eight-ball knob, a bare lever, and a big hole in my console. (Car is still plenty fun to drive) I'll find them all eventually, or make something that works and looks better, but wondered if any of you had a better idea.

Where would you look for these pieces? Do any of you with tricked-out custom cars have your old parts to sell?

I'd appreciate any help.

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i got all those pieces plus the ebrake boot for a little over $200 from Lexus of Tampa Bay. the shift knob was the most expensive it was $140, bezel for $40, boot for $12 and the ebrake boot was $55. Dont worry they laughed at me when I asked for those parts, they didnt believe I had a 5spd they made me get my VIN to get the part numbers.

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That bezel and boot piece was only 45 bucks - Sold! Can't wait 'til it arrives. Might even look OK with my plain black plastic knob 'til I find a cheap Lexus one.

My Lexus dealer quoted me 311 for the knob, 110 for the boot, and 611 for the bezel. THanks for your help.

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