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A/c Filter Replacement


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Sunday, I wanted to add some 134 coolant and didn't know where the line was, so I went to the manual. Didn't find it there, but I did notice the manual stated there was an air filter in the glove compartment. I opened it up and pulled out the filter and wow, all kinds of particals started falling out, broken up leaves and dirt. This thing was filthy. I didn't even know I had a filter in the glovebox. Anyhow, I came back to the forum to find where to put the 134. I wasn't having any problems with my A/C, I just run it all the time because of my throttle body so I thought I needed a refill. Well today is Tuesday, I went to pick up a new filter, $36.00 at the dealer, kind of high for a filter, but never the less I purchased and replaced the filthy one. To my surprise, my A/C is now ice cold compared to cold. It was 80 degrees today and I usually set the A/C on 2 to 3 bars when it's warm, I set it on 1 bar and the chill was piercing through my shirt. I don't know if this will help anyone else, but always willing to share my changes with the fam. You all probably already know about the filter anyway, glad I do now.

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