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1995 Es 300 Crazy Issues

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Here's what's going on:


1995 ES 300

140,000 miles.

The check engine light came on and the car stopped... Called the extended warranty folks, they sent the wrecker.. The vehicle went to: C & C motors (fomerly C & C Lexus) they have been servicing the car for years.

At first his code reader would not communicate with the dianostics... After cleaning the battery terminals it worked fine... there was no codes.. The check engine light was off. He coude not fine anything wrong.

After about 2 weeks the car did it again... The check engine light came on an it stopped. It would start back up, but you could not drive over 10 miles an hour... It just would not get the RPMS... I had to smash the pedal just a little to get it to move.. if I went any further the car would seem as if it was bogging out (where the RPMS would seem to flutter or something).

Got the car home... took my truck to work.. Came back and the check engine light was on.. So, I jumpped the E1 and TE1 to get a code... did not get one (the check engine light stayed solid).

Played with it for a few.. Cranked the car... the check engine light was off.. drove car and it functioned normally... full power, everything...

NEED HELP... Really do not want to PAY for another job of nothing.. (however, I will be calling C & C letting them know it did it again).


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