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Heated/vented Seats Uncomfortable

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I have a problem with my heated vented seat on the ES330, 2005, 4,900 miles.

Took to dealer & they supposedly had an outside vendor come in and move something which I could feel on the right side of the seat bottom. This did not solve my problem.

The seat bottom area feels very stiff and hard to me. I drove an ES 330 with the regular seat and did not have this problem.

The passenger seat feels a little better but not much.

Is this the most comfort I can expect from this type of seat?


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I absolutely love my seats and do not experience any discomfort whatsoever and they are heated/vented. Maybe its different body types but I could fall asleep in mine, not that I ever have :whistles:

Love mine too. 06 with heated/ventilated. Have 6600 miles. Would do it all over again.

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I've noticed that the ventillated seats are significantly firmer than the non-ventillated seats on my 03. I've never found it objectionable, but I do prefer my seats.

One thing though, in my experience with Lexus cars the seats get more comfortable with age. The seat structure is designed with cushioning, leather, and springs that will form to the shape of your body over time, kind of like a good pair of shoes does. So, since you only have 4900 miles I'd give it some more time.

Worse comes to worse you could always demand that Lexus replace the seats with non-ventillated seats...

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