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"clunk" Sound


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I have 2000 ES300 (w/110,000 miles). I started notice a sound comming from rear (and it sounds like "clunk"). It is intermittent however it became more frequent. I took the car to the dealer however they could not duplicate the sound and after thorough check up they could not find any problem. Dealer did re-torque the rear strut mounting. I still hear the sound (however it became less frequent). What do you think?

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Sway bar bushings, strut bushings/mounts, end-links.

I always put money on the sway bar bushings first. They're the cheapest & don't take too long for the experianced to change.

I agree. Just did mine (Sway bar bushings) for $14.XX (OEM parts) and took about 10 minutes. Best $$$ I spent to date!.

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