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Is250 Glass Scratches

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Hey guys. Great forum and happy I'm moving on from the Max thing I used to be in.

I've had my IS250 for 1 month. I had a major league seagull bomb on the driver's side window yesterday. I used plenty of glass cleaner got it off, but made some very fine circular scratches in the window that are quite visible when the sun hits the window. I'm bumming big time. Is it possible to get these out? If yes, how? Also, is there some kind of film on the outside of the window that is scratched or is it really the glass that scratched somewhat easily?

Thanks for the help.


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Those are acratches on the surface of the glass. I "think" they have some stuff that can get rid of those scratches but i don't know a name.

I made a few swirl scratches on the glass trying to get that "fog" off at the rim of the glass that makes contact with the trim on the door. I just got some Bug & Tar remover, sprayed it on, let it set for a few minutes, then rubbed it off with a clean towel! Apparently that towel wasn't so clean :( ...must have been some dirt on it that scratched the glass.

I tried using some swirl mark remover (for paint) and it didn't do a thing... I guess the compound used to remove the scratches would have to be a little more aggresssive, yet not TOO much more, or it would create more scratches.

I would also like to know how to get rid of scratches like these.

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Around here, when you go to a jiffy lube or quick lube they have guys that fill windshield cracks. They just call your insurance company and get approval to repair. The insurance companies are happy to pay the 30-45 bucks thus avoiding a windshield replacement caused by further damage. No deductable. I would try there.

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