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Gps Problems


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***Cross posted to the Hybrid Forum***

Does anyone know how to read the GPS Information screen (hidden menu)?

I've been having problems with the navigation system intermittently loosing it's way . The dealer has been no help, as the problem is intermittent (but happens frequently), and this seems to fall outside their area of expertice....so I'm going to have to try to localize the problem to point them in the right direction. The GPS light is frequently off on the Map screen (no GPS lock). When I look at the GPS information screen, there doesn't appear to be any signal being received (LVL?), or not enough channels to plot a position.

I suspect a bad antenna, or something causing poor signal reception. The problem is more frequent with bad weather (cloudy skys), but it renders the nav system almost useless, as I never know when it's going to loose its way. Where are the antenna's located? I know there's an external one on the rear roof top...but I beleive there's another also. Location of any antenna connectors (that might be loose)? I don't have any routing diagrams.

This is the 3rd vehicle I've had with a nav system (ML430, RX330, and currently an RX400h)... There were no issues with the previous systems.

Any help greatfully appreciated.


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