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List Of Confirmed Legit Engine/transmission Sellers Ebay/online

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After seeing multiple people online, and on ebay getting screwed buying v6's, A/T's, or M/T's getting the bait & switch. (i.e. 3vz-fe to 4vz-fe, 88-91 A540-E to 92-93 A540-E & 94-96 A541-E's, and buying E153 M/T's for a 3vz-fe+ only to get an E152 M/T from a 2vz-fe.)

The time has come to find legit sellers, and boycott anyone that won't do otherwise. I've been in contact with *every* active seller on ebay over the last week. Some are pricks, some are whatever - we don't care, and a few are informed, and helpful.

The tops for me to deal with so far, for being outstanding to work with, and quick to act of things I have asked them to do are:

CNS Motors on ebay. (Andy Lee - 626-452-1153) (Sells US spec engines) (Tops of everyone. Email reply in hours WITH 100% new, specific pictures across the board.)

tomsforeignautoparts on ebay / Toms4n.com (Dan) (Sells US spec engines) (Another person that was good to deal with)

Other reputable sellers would be:

ask4crash on ebay (Jamie) (Import engines) (Admits to selling vz-fe's to 2vz-fe owners, but seems to be polite, and will offer a refund to anyone that his importer sends an unspecified engine too. Says they've never sent, nor seen a 4vz-fe.)

FYI, 2vz-fe to vz-fe swap has been extremely common over the years. Unlike the 3vz-fe 4vz-fe fiascoes of the last year, or two.

Not up to par (i.e. people I wouldn't personally plunk down hundreds of dollars to) are:

motorworks111 on ebay (Major attitude problem/not helpful in the least)

ALL v6 dealers have been informed that they need clear pictures of the engines they are selling. Specifically, they need to include pictures of the block casting, and the "cc-displacement" label on the intake manifold.

These are "compliant" pictures, sent by CNS Motors for our example purposes:



Everyone is free to do what they want, but this really is for the good of the entire community (Not just this site...). So I'm asking everyone to get involved. You never know when you might need a new major component, or want to swap one into something else.

Anyone not showing similar pics for *all* Toyota v6's for sale... Anyone not accurately describing a transmission... Don't buy them, and feel free to tell them why you're not buying from them!

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