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  1. i went to have my plugs and wires changed and the mechanic told me that for my car the plugs dont have to be gapped because they are pre-gapped i told him hold on and then i called a friend who said no way! i ended up just waiting till i consult with the people who know my car best! can one of you playas help me on this one. :cries:
  2. check the rear trailers arms.
  3. Thanx Toys, you seem to be the leading athority on es300's, not trying to be funny either but did you once work for toyota? boy, this site taught me MORE and knows more about my car than my mechanic, thats for sure.
  4. hope this is not a dumb question, and if so forgive me. i am planning on cleaning on maybe replacing my egr valve on my 93 es300. i recently saw the amaco service gas station near me does emmisions cleaning and asked the guy what exactly what do. he clean he told me that they clean the intake where they have a bag of fluid hanging and drips into it cleans injectors etc. my question is does this also clean the egr valve? he said yes but he said yes to everything! so i ask the people who know my car the best before i go further.
  5. i have a 93 es300 and the same thing... under the hood there is a spot for the fuel pump relay but there hasnt been one there since i bought the car (2 yrs ago) and ive always wondered if one was supposed to be there. runs fine other than rough idle at times.
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