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Sc400 Traction Light

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Noticed the TRACTION light came on while drivng at Hiway speed. stared car next morning no light, drove a mile or so light came on. Pattern seem to repeat it self.

Noticed that light comes on when a 'bump' in the road is encountered.

Pullled fuse for 4 days(traction light on entire time), reinserted, same problem.

Any/All ideas appreciated

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I have exact same problem, same car. I have noticed that the traction control does not work, so in my case at least the light is providing a real indication of a problem. When first starting out, I can hear a light, repetitive grinding noise coming from under the hood which I believe to be the TRAC system trying to start up - after about 10 cycles, the noise stops then the TRAC light comes on. The car runs fine and on dry pavement, I notice no issues. However, I get very poor traction accelleration out of turns on wet pavement.

Suggested fixes, short of going to the dealer?


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Sometimes when your rear brake pads are low or your rotors are too thin, it'll set off the sensor. I had my traction light coming on and then I replaced the rear pads and rotors (which are super cheap by the way) and the light went off never to return.

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TRAC light is constantly lit on my 92 SC400; if there is any easy fix, please post.

I have the same problem with my 95 SC300. Have tried many fixes over the last 3 years....nothing seems to work for very long. If I immediately spin the wheels (engage the trac system) shortly after startup....before it shuts down, sometimes it will remail "fixed" for a few days.

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