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  1. I have a 92 SC400 with 167k miles. Car is in relatively good condition considering it is 20 years old. However I do have a problem with getting no heat. I have replaced the thermostat thinking that was the problem, but alas still no heat. Heater blows cold even with temp control cranked all the ways up. Any/all ideas appreciated. Thanks In Advance
  2. I had the same problem with my 92 SC400. Finally decided to tke to dealer, but gave following one last shot. Pulled fuse for Trac, left it out for a week. Drove the car as normal, TRAC light on all of the time. Put fuse back in, no light, drove abot a mile light came back on. Next day while driving I noticed the light was NOT on, that was about a month ago. Light is still not on. I know the 'system' is working because, The light blinks when I lose traction, just as the manual says. I have seen it blink/flash when going over slippery railroad crossing, and other such things. Worth a shot
  3. Noticed the TRACTION light came on while drivng at Hiway speed. stared car next morning no light, drove a mile or so light came on. Pattern seem to repeat it self. Noticed that light comes on when a 'bump' in the road is encountered. Pullled fuse for 4 days(traction light on entire time), reinserted, same problem. Any/All ideas appreciated
  4. Has anyone had an experience with Super Seal from Quest. My AC has a leak(s), recharge lasts about 3K miles or 3 months. Car is 92 SC400. dealer want $200.00 to diagnose problem, and replacing compressor, and other parts probably looking at $2k+. Is SS worth a shot??
  5. Last year the AC quit. I was out of town (Atlanta) had it fixed and the A/C switched over to the new 'Freon Replacement' Repair shop said the compressor had a vapor leak, and the other flanges were leaking (under pressure) Charge lasted about 4 hot months. Now it is not working again (low 'freon'). I am bracing for worst (replace compressor), anyone know of alternatives, alternative to dealer (Central Bucks area of Pa) TIA
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