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Funny Story Today From Work!


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I love playing with the new guys in the motorpool!

Yesterday, we got this new private. Today he asked me to help him figure out why this humvee wouldnt start cause he had looked all around. I asked if he was sure he looked all around, he said he was, so as we walked the 100 feet or so to the truck, the following conversation ensued:

Me: "you say it wont even crank?"

Him: "thats right man."

I go about my usual troubleshooting and look at the gear shifter. its in D (Drive). It has a neutral Saftey switch. But i didnt tell him that. I put it in N (because Humvees dont have Park, only R, N, D, D1, D2, D3). and i crank it, it fires right up first time through. He is standing off to the side, so he doesnt see this.

Him: " :blink: I dont know, maybe its intermittent?"

Me: "yeah, Maybe."

I secretly slipped it back into D as i shut it off.

Me: "Give it a shot"

he tries it, no start. at this point im about to bust out laughing, but i keep my cool.

I tried it again, He was standing there this time, but he didnt see me put it in N cause i shut the door. I turned the start switch, it fires right up again. Now he's scratching his head and i have a big smile on my face.

I shut it off and slipped it back into drive. Then i let him do it one more time.

He turns the switch...nothing. Now, i could have let this go for hours, but i didnt have that much time to waste, so i said:

"hey...put it in Neutral man..."

Him: "Oh man, i feel like a complete idoit"

He puts it in Neutral and it fires right up. I had a humongous smile on my face.

he said "wait...you *BLEEP*!" and he busted out laughing. I said, "next time, make sure you check EVERYTHING, kid."

Hope i taught him to be more observant. :)

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:lol:  :lol:  :lol:

I did have a purpose behind messing with him though. He wont forget to check that ever again his entire career. Lack of attention to detail is what kills alot of soldiers. we deploy in less than a year, and while im not an NCO, it is still my responsibility to correct something thats wrong. the army is a team. it is how we function. Whats really bad is, 9x out of 10, neglingence could not only kill you, it could kill your buddy.

and by regulation he has to do what i ask (within reason) anyways, im E-2P and he's E-1. :D

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