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1jzgte Swap Questions


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well, i have posted here in awhile, im almost on my 11th month here in Iraq, weve been busy lately, but now after this year of research im just about to purchase a soarer front half from jarco. I still have questions though, which im sure I will have plenty until i turn that key and it starts up. But this is mainly out to those who have done a 1jz swap with a soarer clip. i apoligize if these questions are answered in here somewhere but ive gone through so many forums focusing on different questions i may have come accross the answers when i wasnt looking for them and overlooked.

1. I plan on using the digital guage cluster, with the soarer ecu and engine. anybody know of any specific wiring problems i might incur bringing those over to my sc300? Like anything that will have issues with the cluster, or something.

2. my ac doesnt work on my car, will i be able to use the jdm A/C system directly?

3.will my stock fuel pump be good enough for 400 rwhp, what about the jdm soarer fuel pump?

4.my sc300 tranny needs a rebuild, would it be smarter to go with the r154 tranny. anybody know a good place to pick one up(the front half im getting is auto), or would it be better to just rebuild my w58?

5.and lastly, the best place for a good deal for a 1jz single turbo manifold?

thanks, i appreciate all the help i can get, limited on free time out here

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dont know about the dash stuff but ac will work directly, fuel pump will need to be changed, if your buying a front clip then use the r154 tranny unless it comes with an auto, and rebuild and keep the w58 as a spare. and i wouldnt advise buying cheap turbo manifolds.

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thanks, but to add, first on the tranny part, my w58 needs rebuilt, but the clip is comes with an auto transmission. so to get the r154 im basically gona have to buy one by itself, any suggestions on a good site to get one at? how much should i expect to pay? also on the guage cluster part domlee you say you dont know anyone who successfully retrofitted it, well im thinking most people who tried had a US spec everything. anyone try it with a 1jz and ecu from a soarer. and does anyone know if a jdm cluster will physically slide in to the US cluster spot? thanks

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