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  1. Yep. It is your control arm bushings.
  2. Check the plug which is underneath the mirror control panel in the driver's side arm rest. It's pretty easy to pop out...just a small screwdriver will do the trick. Once the panel is popped out, look at the plug.
  3. Having a mechanic do the work is fine, but he'll easily tack on half an hour to a full hour for labor to do the job. This is something that'll take you 30 minutes. Not worth it for the little amount of work a mechanic will do. You can't really f*ck it up when there are pictures in the link. And yes, the one kit is all you need, as it is a complete kit.
  4. It is sold per kit, not per bushing. (Did you click on the link I provided earlier?) In each kit, you will get two small bushings and one large bushing. In my opinion, do it yourself. The link tells you everything you need for the job. I did it myself and it was extremely easy. If you can do an oil change, you can switch out the steering rack bushings.
  5. Steering Rack Bushings are available.
  6. The stock hubcaps? You could try TAP Recycling.
  7. S. El Monte is just east of Monterey Park. You take the 10E from downtown.
  8. It is well known that over time, the window regulators break. (Your glass did not fall off the track). Mine broke approximately 2 or 3 weeks ago. I have the same symptoms. I can hear the window motor going, but the window will not rise. It will lower though. I just picked up my window regulator from Carson Toyota yesterday. Will install it some time this week. Read this:
  9. For tires size and wheel offsets....there is a great thread in the Clublexus SC subforum. I'm running 18 x 9 all around. +45 offset from what I understand. With this combination, the fronts are fine, but the rears are way too sunken in. I wanted the ability to rotate tires, so this doesn't bother me too least, not right now. I could run spacers in the rear if I felt like it. PM me your email and I'll send you photos. Dom
  10. I've brought my car to Kennedy at Premier Autoworks. He is located in South El Monte. 626-401-1464. He used to have a SC or two, and currently drives a GS. He owns his Lexus I would not hesitate to bring my car to him again. His shop has a really nice paint booth as well. I brought my car to him because I was rear ended recently. Tell him that Dominic w/ the gold SC sent you. I still have to pick up my exhaust tips from his shop.
  11. Forgot to answer your other question. For pictures of 18s or 19s, look at the Clublexus forum. I have 18s on my car. I like the ride. At times, my 18s look small, given the large wheel wells of this car. At times, I wish I had 19s. Given that, 19s require you to be VERY careful w/ potholes. Much more so than 18s.
  12. Recommended way to lower your car: Option: 1) Get coilovers 2) Get lowering springs TEIN Basics are VERY VERY well priced. For a little over $600, you get a shock w/ a threaded body and a spring matched to the dampening characteristics of the shock. This is easily what you would pay if you went out and bought new shocks and new lowering springs. No adjustment to dampening and rebound, BUT if you just want a very simple shock/spring combination w/ the benefits of height adjustment, this is a great buy. Especially if you do not adjust the dampening often.
  13. I agree. I would clean out the throttle body, but also check the lines that run from the pedal to the throttle body.
  14. The JZZ30 transmission will be hard to find as is. There weren't that many in Japan to begin with. I'm told that you can use the R154 from the MKIII here in the US. Check in the Clublexus forum for a few threads on this topic.
  15. What do you mean by overheated and died? What happend? Did you keep driving after the temperature gauge went up?
  16. I haven't heard of anyone that has successfully retrofitted the digital gauge cluster into a US car. Stock fuel system, seems most guys upgrade to the Supra unit. The tranny, go w/ the R154.
  17. This will help you a lot.
  18. I don't post much outside of the SC subforums...but here is a company that you guys may want to know about (in case you don't already know) Located in Japan. Not sure if they have a US distributor, but Mackin Industries may distribute for them... Just thought I would pass this along...
  19. Tirerack is one place to look for wheels. There are a TON of other places as well. Here is a site that has a lot of brand names.
  20. Have you checked the timing belt? Could just be an old belt...or a tensioner that is somewhat stuck. If so, time to replace these.
  21. For the money, TEIN Basics are really hard to beat. For a price of around $700 (can be had for a little less), you get a "basic" coilover (complete strut/spring combo). The performance springs come w/ matched performance shocks. Although this coilover doesn't have shock dampening/rebound adjustments, it does have height adjustment. So if you are looking for performance springs, and happen to also need new shocks...this product really is hard to beat. Performance springs will tend to lower a car anyway, so w/ these will get height adjustment. You'll spend nearly $200 on springs, and about $400 on shocks (assume $100 per shock, but are usually more than that). That is at least $600 right there. So while you're spending the same amount of cash, might as well get the most for your money.
  22. Used diff from a MKIV Turbo for $300. No exterior housing, but if you can make it fit...
  23. Check the following: 1) Radiator 2) Hoses (upper and lower) 3) Coolant Reservoir tank 4) Thermostat area 5) Cap Have someone start the car when cold while you try to locate where the smell is coming from.
  24. That sucks!!!! The damage certainly looks repairable though. It could have been worse. I'm sure you'll bring it back to it's original (if not better) condition in no time. Do you have a list of mods? I'm curious to know what brand wheel you have and the size/offset. Thanks.