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Volvo Forums?


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Helping out a buddy with a Volvo here. Anyone know of a good forum similiar to this one for Volvo's?

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That's an awesome site!!!! Thanks VB!

I sent him parts.com and a couple others. Apparently his 2001 lost it's brakes this morning and went straight into a tail gate. Nothing too bad, but needs some hood stuff. Told him 2 years ago to buy Lexus...didn't listen.

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I love my Lexus. It just sits there in the garage all waxed up and full of gas waiting for me to make an Interstate run. I usually drive my Frontier to work but I greatly prefer my Lex on the highway.

Yeah, I found faqfarm.com kind of by mistake looking for information for another car. I guess I like the fact that they have a wide variety of topics.

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the compliment.

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